Shark Water 'live'​(​Single)

by Earth Meet World



This is the live version featured on the Projected Twin YouTube channel. It was originally uploaded as a thank you to Cory Williams (DudeLikeHella) and Kathleen Elliot (Katers17) for promoting the song in their vlogs during their memorable first kiss.


I’ve been a while here
And you stopped listening to me
And I’m not moving anymore
Because I know better than that

This world is shaking me
For all that I am worth
And you, you’re not moving anymore
Because I am no better than that

Stop fighting it
It’s not time
Keep telling yourself you know why
Keep breathing
Find your life
Your time is gonna’ be light

And I wont cry
When you are gone
Keep on thinking
It won’t be long

I won’t die now
That I’m alone
Keep on fighting
It wont be long


released January 5, 2012
Recorded, Produced and Performed by Shaun Holton.
Originally released on the album 'Earth To World'



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